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Our team combines exemplary professionalism and impeccable work ethics to provide excellent legal services.


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Criminal and Penal Lawyer

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Legal Assistant

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About Me Lina Elofir

Me Lina Elofir decided to begin her legal training at the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2017 with the sole purpose of practicing in criminal and penal defense law.


As soon as she entered the legal sphere in her bachelor's degree, Me Elofir became involved in the defense of vulnerable people by getting involved in the UQÀM legal clinic. Her academic background and her rigor earned her an internship in the judiciary, notably with the Honorable Elaine Bolduc (J.C.Q).


Alongside her university studies, Me Elofir worked in a boutique law firm as a law student in criminal and penal defense law.


Admitted to the École du Barreau du Québec in 2020, she completed her professional training there the same year and obtained an internship in a renowned firm specializing exclusively in criminal and penal law.


Since his registration on the roll of the Ordre du Barreau du Québec in 2021, Me Elofir has used his rhetoric, his professionalism and his transparency by representing you before the courts of Quebec and Ontario  in a number of cases such as driving offenses (alcohol/drug driving), sexual assault, domestic violence, assault, simple possession/drug trafficking, theft, fraud as well as firearms offences. fire.


Me Elofir makes sure to be up to date with new jurisprudential and legislative currents. 


Me Elofir will always give you the right information about your files and will make sure to defend your rights and represent you in your best interest. For Me Elofir, communication is the basis of any lawyer-client relationship for which she attaches great importance to discretion in her files, while respecting professional secrecy.

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